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Biped is a puzzle game in which elements of the game are based on physics. The developers are Nintendo, but you can also play the game on platforms such as iOS and Android.

  • Go through many colorful levels, and under control, you will have a robot repairman whose task is to subdue the pendulums on the planet.
  • Spend time in the game with your friends. The game has multiplayer, allowing you to cope with many puzzles together. But be sure of your partner, as you will have to perform actions in sync and go through levels relying on each other.
  • The funny and cute look of the game will not let you get bored, and if you suddenly do something wrong or die, a sad emoticon appears above you. And in cases of success in completing tasks, the game lets you know with a thumbs up.
  • The ability to compete with your friend by giving him a couple of cuffs or kicks or throwing him into a cliff can look pretty funny in this friendly atmosphere. But be careful, it can be fun in the first few minutes, and later it can turn into a fight for the winner.
  • Each level has a variety of items that you can unlock by completing different tasks. Therefore, the replay value in this game will allow you to go through the game many times to find a lot of different content as well as pleasant experiences in locations. Each location has its own atmosphere, forests, mountains, and deserts, so you definitely won't get bored with them!
  • Obstacles with great creativity, and until the very end of the game, you will meet new challenges you have not yet encountered. Interact with mechanisms or slide on an unstable platform, and move objects for a far passage.


Biped Logo
Author: NEXT Studios
Size: 8 GB available space

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