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Fitbit is an application created and published by Fitbit, Inc. on November 23, 2020. At the moment, Fitbit can be run on Apple iOS 14 and later versions and Android 8 or more. This is one of the most popular applications for leading a healthy lifestyle worldwide. You can sign up for 90 days of Fitbit Premium for free and get access to personalized health programs and 240+ workout tutorials you can do whenever you want to exercise.

Setting healthy habits is essential for your well-being. The biggest changes are always possible thanks to small everyday steps, but to stay consistent and focused, you need some assistance. Fitbit is a reliable assistant that helps you track your progress, reminds you of your goals, shares all the necessary tips, and supports your motivation all along your journey. This app introduces you to a community of people with similar values—supporters make facing and managing challenges much easier and quicker.

Fitbit has a full variety of functions, so you can adapt it to your personal goals, pace, and lifestyle:

  • Track your daily routine and see the dynamics of your achievements.
  • Explore various workout and nutrition programs, meditation guides, and tools to track and improve your sleep.
  • Find a supportive circle or create it by yourself by calling your friends to join.
  • Turn your wishes into goals, follow the milestones, and keep going on your path.
  • Connect Fitbit to a number of various partner apps.
  • Try smartwatch apps and fresh clock faces.

This app is aimed to put all the information you need in your phone to develop healthy habits:

  • See your progress: Use a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch and watch how small steps convert to long distances or floors you can climb. You can also see the burned calories and active minutes. Monitor your progress from a day-by-day perspective and ensure that small steps are essential for big changes.
  • Exercise at home: Watch or listen to the workout tutorials whenever and wherever you find it comfortable to exercise. Recordings include HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga, and other topics.
  • Manage sleep: Monitor the length and quality of your sleep and improve relaxation by adapting your nightly routine to your personal needs. You can also set bedtime reminders and sleep goals.
  • Control stress: The app offers audio tracks for stress relief, meditation guides, and relaxing sounds and stories to help you fall asleep easily. You can choose whatever works best for you and enjoy a calm state of mind.
  • Plan diet: Follow your personal nutrition plan by setting goals and tracking the calories and water you consume during the day. See if your diet contains the essential nutrients and adapt it to your personal needs and taste.
  • Follow your heart: See in detail how your heart works and analyze your overall health. The information the app provides can help you adapt workouts to your state of health and notice disturbing symptoms. You can also share it with your doctors so that they see a detailed picture of your self-esteem.
  • Get support: Introduce yourself to a community of people with similar goals to get encouragement and stay motivated. See others’ progress and keep making small steps every day to catch up. Keep in touch with your friends, start challenges, get advice, and inspire others!

Fitbit Premium Perks and Payment Details

  • Plan ahead for months and years to control your habits’ formation and get a clear plan for this process. Get access to advanced workout tutorials, tips, and recommendations.
  • Unlock full data analysis about your health: stress rate, sleep patterns, and many more.
  • Make this information work for you and enjoy personalized tips and recommendations to improve your everyday life.
  • Correct your daily routine by defining the best time to work out or have a rest.
  • Open more challenges and complete them in the company of friends.

After a trial period, payment is charged to your Google Play Account. Please notice: If you pay for a premium before the trial is finished, the rest of the free period will be forfeited. The subscription renews automatically, but if you want to manage it manually, turn off this feature at least 24 hours before the update.

Experience the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Setting goals and tracking daily progress are crucial for any changes you want to make, whatever they concern. Fitbit is a reliable instrument that provides various tools you need to introduce changes to your lifestyle. It batches all the basic information about your health to make your goals and routine suitable for personal needs. This app also connects you with other users, so you can communicate and support each other. In other words, Fitbit creates conditions that make sticking to your wishes much easier. 

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Author: Fitbit, Inc.
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Publish Date: November 23, 2020
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