Adding a New Twist to Online Dating: The Cosmic App’s Unique Approach

Giselle Carrington


Adding a New Twist to Online Dating: The Cosmic App’s Unique Approach

For those tired of the same old dating app experience, Cosmic presents itself as a refreshing alternative. This newcomer to the scene revolutionizes the profile creation process with a unique combination of machine learning technology and personality quizzes. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to capture your whole being in a limited bio while hopelessly swiping through superficial profiles. Say hello to Cosmic, the brainchild of Friendly Apps, built on a promise of fostering genuine connections without resorting to toxic mechanisms.

Behind Cosmic's innovative design is Michael Sayman, a seasoned engineer, product designer, and founder of Friendly Apps. His vision, fueled by his impressive tech journey documented in his book “App Kid” and roles at tech giants like Facebook, Google, Roblox, and Twitter, is to create user-friendly apps that positively affect the user's mental health. He sees Cosmic as the first step in accomplishing this, intending to tackle the online dating realm that he perceives as frustratingly flawed.

So, what sets Cosmic apart from the rest? It’s all in its approach to profile creation. Sayman realized that a lot of us falter while sketching bios that encapsulate our personalities. In comes Cosmic’s genius solution: a personality quiz. Rather than attempting to fit yourself into a fixed bio template, you answer intriguing queries about yourself and let the machine learning technology do the heavy lifting.

The app's cutting-edge machine learning technology works by extracting personality traits and interests from your responses in the quiz. It then generates a profile that's much more representative of your character than static text could ever be. Plus, the tech has a fun side, too, with questions like, "What popular song describes your life?" and "What's your greatest strength?" promising an engaging experience for any user.

From its intentional, non-toxic design to its innovative profile creation process, Cosmic is clearly striding forth to make waves in the online dating landscape. The question remains - is it the game-changer frustrated daters have been holding out for? Only time will tell, but it certainly looks promising.


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