Baldur's Gate 3: An NPC's Reaction Raises Questions About Story Depth

Skye Kensington


Baldur's Gate 3: An NPC's Reaction Raises Questions About Story Depth

Baldur's Gate 3, the highly-anticipated addition to the iconic RPG series, has garnered much attention since its early access inception. The game promises a rich narrative set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, filled with diverse companions and intricate storylines. Yet, with all of its complexities, it appears that some story arcs may not be receiving the narrative development they deserve, particularly when it comes to character reactions to significant plot events.

The issue surfaces in Act 3, when players unravel the mystery surrounding the Dark Urge – a pivotal character whose origins and self-discovery shape a significant part of the story. In what should be a staggering moment of truth, the companions' reactions are notably understated. Surprisingly, it’s a less central character, a constable named Devella Fountainhead, who exhibits the emotional depth and nuanced reaction that players might expect from their closer companions.

The contrast in character responses has not gone unnoticed by the community. On forums and discussion boards, players express their bewilderment at the lack of impactful dialogue following major story beats. They point out how other characters in the player's party, even those who have suffered at the hands of the revealed Dark Urge's past, seem to gloss over the implications of such a revelation. This dissonance between expected character development and actual game experience suggests a missed opportunity for deeper emotional engagement.

In contrast to this, Devella's detailed response not only acknowledges the gravity of the player's heritage but evolves to reference past figures of similar descent, displaying a historical awareness and a consistency in her characterization that enriches the narrative experience. This level of attention given to a secondary NPC raises the bar and, inadvertently, highlights what some fans perceive as shortcomings in the reactions of more prominent characters.

The stark difference in narrative treatment between Devella and the player's core companions in Baldur's Gate 3 poses important questions about narrative consistency and depth. Devella's reaction represents the type of character engagement that could amplify the emotional weight of the Dark Urge's story arc and enhance overall storytelling.


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