Facebook Parent Meta to Modify Controversial ‘Cross-Check’ Feature with 32 Changes

Skye Kensington


Facebook Parent Meta to Modify Controversial ‘Cross-Check’ Feature with 32 Changes

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has announced that it will be modifying its ‘Cross-Check’ feature following criticism of its special handling of posts by celebrities, politicians, and other influential users on Instagram and Facebook. Meta has agreed to implement in full or in part the 32 changes recommended by an independent review board, which it funds as a top court for content and policy decisions.

Main Part: The purpose of the Cross-Check feature is to provide extra scrutiny to posts from well-known figures to ensure that the content does not violate the platform’s policies. The changes announced by Meta address the issue of business interests influencing the decisions made by the Cross-Check team. 

This includes the implementation of a new policy for handling posts from business partners, such as influencers. The new policy stipulates that the posts must be treated in the same manner as posts from any other user.

In addition, Meta has also promised to provide more transparency in its decision-making process. This includes publishing guidelines on how it decides which posts to take action on and which to leave alone. The company has also committed to providing more information about the Cross-Check team and its members.

Finally, Meta has said it will improve the appeal process for posts that are taken down. This includes providing a more detailed explanation for why a post was removed and allowing users to submit a counterargument if they disagree with the decision.

Meta’s changes to the Cross-Check feature are an important step towards ensuring that the decisions made by the company are not influenced by business interests. The changes should provide users with more transparency and certainty when it comes to content moderation. We welcome your thoughts on this decision in the comments below.


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