Rise of the Ronin Update Fixes Rifle Bug, Opened Chests at Chiba Dojo and Military Academy

Giselle Carrington


Rise of the Ronin Update Fixes Rifle Bug, Opened Chests at Chiba Dojo and Military Academy

In the latest update for Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin, players can expect enhancements that address several issues in the game, improving the overall gameplay experience. This action-packed open-world RPG has quickly become a favorite, and the developers are keen to keep the momentum going with these timely fixes.
One significant fix addresses a problem where gamers found themselves unexpectedly transported back to Yokohama after participating in online multiplayer sessions. This glitch made the Edo area inaccessible, which was a considerable inconvenience for players. Thankfully, this issue should now be resolved, allowing for seamless exploration throughout the game's vast world.
Another crucial fix in the update concerns the gameplay mechanics, particularly the functionality of the rifle when switching secondary weapons. Previously, changing from arrow, earthenware, ball, or file pipe types to the rifle caused the latter to become unusable. Given the rifle's status as one of the best ranged weapons in the game, fixing this issue was a priority for the developers to enhance players' combat capabilities.
The patch also rectifies a problem involving treasure chests located in specific areas—Chiba Dojo, Kyobashi, and the Military Academy in Kanda within the Edo region. These chests were found to be already open upon discovery, negatively impacting players' collection rates. With the implementation of version 1.30, this anomaly has been corrected, allowing players to fully engage in treasure hunting once more.
While the developers, Koei Tecmo and Sony, have yet to release official sales figures for Rise of the Ronin, the game has achieved impressive rankings. It debuted in third place on Famitsu's weekly sales chart and secured the fifth spot in Gfk's UK physical sales chart. These updates are sure to enhance the gaming experience for current players and attract new fans to this engaging title.


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