Sea of Thieves on PS5 Supports 4K/60 FPS and 1080p/120 FPS

Skye Kensington


Sea of Thieves on PS5 Supports 4K/60 FPS and 1080p/120 FPS

Riding the wave of its debut on a PlayStation console, Sea of Thieves is making a splash with features and enhancements tailored for the platform. Rare is keen on delivering a seamless transition for Xbox and PC players to PlayStation by offering progress transfers and exclusive servers for PlayStation gamers. Immersive experiences are further heightened on the PS5 with the option for 4K/60 FPS gameplay, including HDR support, or a smoother 1080p/120 FPS visual mode, ensuring that Sea of Thieves not only looks stunning but runs smoothly too.
The integration with the PS5's DualSense controller adds another layer of immersion. The controller’s haptic feedback is finely tuned to mirror movements in the game, providing a more tangible connection to the actions on screen. The adaptive triggers simulate the tension experienced during combat, while the controller's in-built microphone and speaker enable straightforward communication among players, even without a headset. Additionally, support for the handheld PlayStation Portal enhances accessibility, bringing maritime adventure to gamers on the go.
A substantial treasure trove of 250 Trophies awaits PlayStation 5 players in Sea of Thieves, adding a rewarding challenge. Achieving the Platinum Trophy requires unlocking a selection of 60 base Trophies, making it a formidable quest for dedicated trophy hunters. For players crossing over from Xbox and PC, there’s the added bonus of converting existing Achievements into Trophies. Although some of these may be awarded instantly, fully unlocking the Trophy collection will likely necessitate a fresh journey through the game.
Coinciding with the arrival of its 12th season, Sea of Thieves sets sail on PlayStation 5 come April 30th. An exclusive closed beta phase from April 12th to 15th gives Deluxe and Premium Edition owners a head start. During the beta, participants can accumulate items, Renown, and currency applicable to Season 11, in addition to ten levels of Renown for the forthcoming season, setting the stage for an adventurous start.


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