Stellar Blade Studio Shines Light on Character Outfit Redesigns

Giselle Carrington


Stellar Blade Studio Shines Light on Character Outfit Redesigns

In a recent statement, the head of Stellar Blade Studio has elaborated on the reasons behind character outfit redesigns in their latest action game. Contrary to widespread speculation, these changes were not a result of censorship but rather a deliberate design choice aimed at enhancing the overall aesthetic and functional aspects of the characters' costumes.

The debate about the costume redesigns sparked considerable discussion in gaming communities. Many fans initially believed that the redesigns were enforced to comply with external censorship regulations due to the original outfits being considered too "vulgar". However, the studio's head has clarified that this was not the case. "Just because the costumes are vulgar doesn't necessarily mean they're good," he stated, emphasizing the intention behind the redesigns.

Design Philosophy

The studio head explained that the primary goal was to create costumes that not only looked appealing but also served a practical purpose. "In game design, aesthetics and function should go hand-in-hand," he said. "We wanted to ensure that each character's outfit supported their role and abilities within the game, rather than merely being provocative."

This approach marks a shift from some of the industry’s earlier trends where scantily clad characters were commonly used to attract attention. For Stellar Blade, the focus has shifted to balancing visual appeal with gameplay mechanics and storytelling. "Our intention was to reinforce the characters' identities and the game's narrative through their attire," he added.

Community Impact

While the initial reaction from some fans was one of disappointment, many have come to appreciate the thought and care put into the redesigns. "There was a lot of speculation and concern about censorship, but now we understand the studio's vision better," commented one gamer. "It's refreshing to see a game that respects its characters and players enough to go beyond superficial allure."

The studio has also been transparent about involving community feedback in their design process. By listening to the players’ concerns and preferences, they aim to strike a balance that satisfies both the artistic vision of the developers and the expectations of the fans. This open communication has helped mitigate some of the initial backlash and fostered a more constructive dialogue.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, Stellar Blade Studio plans to continue their design philosophy in future projects. "We're always looking for ways to improve and innovate, and that includes how we approach character design and costumes," the studio head remarked. "We are convinced that focusing on intentional design allows us to develop more captivating and immersive experiences for gamers."

This commitment to intricate and meaningful design has positioned Stellar Blade as a studio to watch in the action game genre. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what video game characters can represent is likely to influence other developers and set new industry standards.


In conclusion, the redesign of character outfits in Stellar Blade is a testament to the studio's commitment to thoughtful and functional design. By prioritizing aesthetics that complement gameplay and narrative, the studio has managed to turn a potential point of contention into a demonstration of their development philosophy. The clarification that these changes were intentional and not driven by censorship serves to highlight the studio's dedication to innovation and respect for their audience.

As Stellar Blade continues to develop new content and future titles, players can expect a consistent focus on creating characters and worlds that are both visually stunning and deeply engaging. The gaming community’s growing appreciation for these design choices suffices to indicate a positive shift in the industry towards more meaningful and well-integrated character designs.


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