Experiencing the Magic of Fae Farm: Unraveling the Differences Between Standard and Deluxe Editions

Skye Kensington


Experiencing the Magic of Fae Farm: Unraveling the Differences Between Standard and Deluxe Editions

Video game enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of Phoenix Labs' much-anticipated title, Fae Farm. Slated to hit the market on September 8th, 2023, the cozy RPG combines chill farming with magical combat and an enchanting cooperative gameplay experience. Its charismatic allure has been likened to the famed Stardew Valley, only with an extra sprinkle of enchantment.

Standard Edition: Immersing in the Fae Magic at Base Value

Standard Edition Immersing in the Fae Magic at Base Value

It's clear that Fae Farm offers a magical journey regardless of which edition players choose. The Standard Edition provides the base game and promises a delightful venture through charming game ambiance and engaging quests. Those who put their faith in the game early and pre-order do not leave empty-handed. The Standard Edition offers some exclusive noteworthy rewards. The enticing trait here is that it grants you the pleasure of immersing in the Fae world with up to three friends, courtesy of the 1-to-4-player co-op feature.

Deluxe Edition: Adding More Sparkle to Your Gaming Experience

The allure of the Deluxe Edition goes beyond the standard game offer. It introduces exclusive elements designed to mesmerize the player further. Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition hands you the same appealing rewards as the Standard Edition, with a caveat of extra treats. Among the bonuses is the game's uplifting soundtrack. The comforting vibes from the game's music, crafted by the skilled Cris Velasco - known for his exceptional work on Overwatch and God of War 3, promise to be a delightful add-on to your gaming experience.

Exclusive Downloadable Content Packs

Exclusive Downloadable Content Pack

Further incentivizing the Deluxe Edition are two premium content packs. While their release dates range between December 2023 and June 2024, patience is truly a virtue, as these packs offer additional magical mysteries that will indeed be worth the wait.

A Quick Glance: Standard vs. Deluxe Edition

While both editions reward pre-orders with exclusive content, the decision between Standard and Deluxe hinges on your overall gaming preferences. Are you excited about the additional musical magic and upcoming premium content packs? Then, the Deluxe Edition is for you. Regardless of your choice, Fae Farm promises a magical journey into a vibrant and magical world that bridges farming and fantasy.


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