The Ultimate Survivors Guide to ARK: Survival Evolved

Giselle Carrington


The Ultimate Survivors Guide to ARK: Survival Evolved

Welcome to the unyielding world of ARK: Survival Evolved, a game that plunges you into a prehistoric island teeming with dinosaurs, natural hazards, and other players all vying for dominance. Survival here is no small feat. To thrive, not just survive, will require patience, strategy, and a deep understanding of the world’s mechanics. This guide is your comprehensive companion to navigating the perils of the island, mastering taming, excelling in building, and ultimately, securing your position at the top of the food chain.

Getting Started: Essential Survival Tips

When you first awaken on the shores of ARK, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are your first steps to survival:

  • Stay Hydrated and Fed: Water and food are your first priorities. Look for berries (watch out for narcotic ones) and water sources to sustain you.
  • Craft Basic Tools: Gather stones, wood, and thatch to create your first set of tools - a pickaxe and hatchet will be essential for further resource gathering.
  • Build a Simple Shelter: Use your gathered materials to build a small shelter. This will protect you from the elements and some of the island’s predators.
  • Level Up Wisely: As you gain experience, you’ll level up. Early on, focus on health, weight, and stamina to increase your chances of survival.

The Art of Taming

Befriending the island’s dinosaurs is a central part of ARK. Taming these creatures can provide you with companions, protectors, and means of transportation. The taming process varies slightly between species, but here are the general steps:

 ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Knocking the Creature Out: Depending on the size and strength of the dinosaur, this can be achieved through fists, slingshots, or tranquilizer darts.
  • Feeding: Once unconscious, place the preferred food in the creature's inventory. Carnivores like meat, while herbivores prefer berries or specific crops.
  • Guard the Dinosaur: While it's unconscious, you must protect it from other predators, and possibly other players, depending on the server.

Some creatures require more complex strategies or special foods. Researching the specifics for each will greatly increase your success rate.

Mastering the Elements: Shelter and Clothing

ARK's weather can be as deadly as its inhabitants. Building a durable shelter and crafting the right clothing is crucial to survive the harsh conditions.

Building Your First Home

Start small but think ahead. Wooden structures offer more protection than thatch and can be upgraded to stone or metal as you progress. Ensure your home is large enough to store supplies and a bed, which acts as a respawn point if you succumb to the elements or creatures.

Dressing for Survival

Your clothing is not just for looks; it protects against the elements. In cold areas, fur clothing can save your life, while lighter, cooler clothing is essential in the game’s deserts or tropical regions. Each piece of clothing also offers some protection against attacks.

The Importance of Crafting and Gathering

 ARK: Survival Evolved

Crafting and gathering are at the heart of ARK. As you progress, the complexity and utility of craftable items increase. Here's how to maximize your efficiency:

  • Gather Smart: Use tools appropriate for the resource you're after. Pickaxes typically yield more stone and raw metal, while hatchets are better for wood and thatch.
  • Know Your Resources: Rare resources like crystal, obsidian, and silica pearls are essential for advanced crafting and can often be found in dangerous locations.
  • Advanced Crafting Stations: As soon as possible, invest in crafting stations like the Smithy, Fabricator, and Chemistry Bench, which unlock a plethora of new crafting options.

Efficient gathering and crafting are the backbones of your survival and progression in ARK.

Navigating the Dangers: Predators and Players

The island is home to a vast array of predators, each with its unique behaviors and hunting techniques. From the swift and cunning Raptors to the mighty Rex, understanding these predators can mean the difference between life and death.

Dealing with Predators

Maintaining awareness of your surroundings is crucial. Avoid traveling at night if possible, and keep an ear out for the distinctive cries of predators. If confrontation is unavoidable, having a tamed dinosaur with you can turn the tide in your favor.

Surviving Player Encounters

In multiplayer servers, other players can pose just as much of a threat as the island's natural inhabitants. Forming alliances and establishing a network of friends can provide safety in numbers. Conversely, choosing your battles wisely and knowing when to flee can save your hard-earned progress.

Exploring the Island: Biomes and Secrets

 ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK is made up of various biomes, each with its unique environment, creatures, and resources. From the sweltering heat of the Volcano to the frozen wastelands of the Snow biome, adapting your strategy to the biome is key.

Biomes and Their Challenges

Each biome presents unique challenges and opportunities. The Swamp, for instance, is rife with disease and deadly creatures but is also a treasure trove of rare plants and resources. Learning the ins and outs of each biome will allow you to prepare adequately for expeditions.

Discovering the Island’s Secrets

Apart from survival, exploration is a huge part of ARK. Hidden across the island are artifacts and explorers' notes that reveal the lore of ARK and the island's history. Additionally, discovering these secrets can lead to powerful items and technology.

The Endgame: Bosses and Ascension

Surviving is just the beginning. The ultimate challenge in ARK lies in facing the island's Bosses and ascending. These encounters require careful preparation, strong tamed creatures, and a thorough understanding of the Boss mechanics.

Success against these formidable foes rewards you with incredible loot and, in the case of the final bosses, the opportunity to "ascend", unlocking even more of the game’s secrets and challenges.


ARK: Survival Evolved is a rich, expansive game that offers an immersive survival experience unlike any other. By understanding the basics of survival, mastering the art of taming, and preparing for the ultimate challenges, you can rise to become the apex survivor on the island. Remember, patience and persistence are key. Welcome to the world of ARK, and good luck.


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