Viper Smarts: Mastering the Art of Countering in Valorant

Giselle Carrington


Viper Smarts: Mastering the Art of Countering in Valorant

Valorant, a world-renown strategic shooter game, has been a hit since its release, bristling with unique characters, each armed with their distinct set of capabilities. One character that stands out with her intricate set of skills is Viper, a Controller class agent known for her ingenious use of toxic gas-emitting gadgets. Players often regard her as a formidable opponent to tackle due to her strategic capability of blocking enemies' vision and detecting them within her chemical cloud. However, the beauty of Valorant lies in adaptive combat, where players can employ various countermeasures to outwit their adversaries. Here are top-rated strategies to counter Viper's gameplay in Valorant.

Scout, Spot, and Strike from Afar

One of Viper’s key strengths is her capacity to obscure herself within her toxic fog. This makes it crucial for you to discern her location before plunging into a noxious cloud. Utilize the scouting or tagging utilities to spot her position within the toxic gas fields and strike from a safe distance. Agents like Kayo, Sova, and Fade are particularly efficient at this strategy because of their long-distance engagement capability.

Outreach Through Long-Range Abilities

Viper's skill set is largely limited to short to medium-ranged engagements. Take advantage of this shortcoming by choosing agents endowed with long-range abilities. Raze and Sova are known to be highly effective in such circumstances. Raze's grenades and Blast Packs can potentially dislodge Viper from her cocoon, compelling her to engage in an undesirable encounter. Similarly, Sova's Owl Drone and Recon Dart can be instrumental in locating her and evading her toxic traps. He can also leverage his Shock Bolt to deal substantial damage to Viper.

Speed as your Ally

Viper thrives in controlled duels, weaving her plans around her orb placements and walls. To counter her effectively, you need to maintain an upper hand in speed. Try to infiltrate her guard zone before she's able to set up. Utilizing her own timing against her during utility cycles can also prove to be an effective tact.

Capitalizing on Tight Angles

Viper players often resort to specific angles and corners for defense. Learning their tactic can dramatically improve your game. Using long-range weaponry teamed with tight angles can pressurize Viper into a tight spot, thereby resulting in a secure win.

Outwit with Creative Agents

Seasoned Viper players can maneuver smoothly through the conventional counters, making the game particularly challenging. In such situations, counterintuitive gameplay comes in handy. Bring your A-game with agents like Yoru and Omen. Their unpredictable playstyle can shake up the confidence of even the most composed Viper players, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

In conclusion, your ability to outsmart Viper boils down to sharp strategic maneuvers, meticulous planning, and rapid-acting. So put on your battle gear, empower your strategy with these tips, and make every "Play of the Game" your own.


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