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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an action-adventure RPG that organically and consistently continues the storyline of the first Borderlands game. The sequel is set on Pandora 5 years after the events of the original 2009 hit. Handsome Jack – the main antagonist of the new title – has taken full credit for finding the Vault and, on that ground, seized control over the Hyperion Corporation. A new group of Vault Hunters has formed to restore justice and punish the self-proclaimed tyrant.

How Much Is New in the Way of Gameplay?

Alas, not much. Gameplay-wise, Borderland 2 is not earth-shatteringly different from its progenitor – players still have to travel across Pandora, fighting numerous enemies and collecting unique weapons. Introducing new character classes, while a predictable move by the developers, is nevertheless noteworthy. Thanks to it, we can now enjoy playing the Gunzerker-class character Salvador capable of shooting two guns simultaneously, the Assassin-class Zero, who is a pro of political assassinations, the Siren-class Maya, or the Commando-class Axton.
Those having a hard time saying goodbye to their beloved original Borderlands characters will be glad to learn that all the main playable heroes from the first game make their return in Borderlands 2 in the form of oh-so-helpful NPCs. Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Roland will all show up in Borderlands 2 in story missions and a few side quests.

Do Not Underestimate the Enemy…

Handsome Jack is the central villain in the new game, and, despite his intentionally theatrical looks and behavior, the man is by no means a fool he tries to appear. This evil narcissistic genius can lull your vigilance with his curious antics while thinking three steps ahead and secretly planning an attack that can inflict the most pain and suffering on the player.
Thinking Handsome Jack is a coward is a mistake that will cost you. He is just reasonably cautious and highly calculating and thus knows when to keep it down and when to strike. Jack kills his opponents with maniacal cruelty, but neither does he think twice before sacrificing one of his own if it is helpful for the cause. A true master of gambit, a skilled and intelligent provocateur and manipulator, and a ruthless killer, the character of Handsome Jack is nevertheless inexplicably charming and certainly a worthy addition to the story.

Is Borderlands 2 Good Enough to Try?

I am convinced that Borderlands 2 is a standalone and mature RPG hit that could have made quite a splash on its own merits, even if there were no part one to this story. Signature humor, colorful characters, and a great story coupled with reckless gameplay – all are rolled into one to make Borderlands 2 a fantastic experience for millions of gamers worldwide.
If you are new to this game, I recommend you skip the first part altogether and dive straight into the Pandora 2.0 universe presented in the second Borderlands title. Interesting, well-thought-out, and funny, the game is guaranteed to hook you up in seconds and keep you engaged for many an hour.


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