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Scrap Mechanic

If you are a fan of Lego or other constructors and feel a design or engineering nature in yourself, this game should inspire you to try your hand at it. Scrap Mechanic takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. You play as a mech robot who lands on an agricultural planet where the farm robots have lost their minds and run riot. The player has to find a way to survive and rebuild civilization by salvaging parts from the junkyard and building new innovative machines and objects.

Creativity at Its Maximum

Scrap Mechanic's creative and open-ended gameplay allows you to realize an infinite number of ideas. Players are offered more than 100 construction and mechanical parts, using which, you can create anything: from simple machines to traps and weapons, complex vehicles, and structures. You might also team up with your friends to design some incredible functional inventions.

Players can also customize their devices with various parts and upgrades and access more materials and tasks by installing additional modes. Just imagine what you can create with 1000 parts! Special options allow you to lift objects or connect them to see how everything works together. What about the interactive details?! These items, from motors to radios, might take your creativity and game to the next level.

Scrap Mechanic has a high replayability factor due to the many different ways players can build their machines. There are also a variety of other challenges that the player can undertake to keep the game interesting.

A Treat for the Eyes and Mind

The graphics of Scrap Mechanic depends on the device you are using to play the game and the specific settings you choose. In any case, it will be a bright and detailed reproduction of the environment and its objects with a pleasant sound design. Aesthetically pleasing graphics are an essential component of the game. The player must see things as realistically as possible to understand how they can be used. All tools and parts are created in 3D, making you feel like you are on an actual production site.

At the same time, the game features a variety of environments, ranging from deserts to forests to snow-covered mountains. Each domain is filled with objects that can be interacted with, including trees, rocks, and bushes. The game also features a variety of animals, including chickens, pigs, and cows. Unfortunately, the game has no maps, so the player explores the space and gets a unique experience as a pioneer.

There are a variety of controls in Scrap Mechanic to interact with the game world:

  • The player might use the WASD keys to move around; 
  • You can use the mouse to look around;
  • The right mouse button helps you open the inventory;
  • The left mouse button serves to interact with objects;
  • The space bar can be used to jump.

A Place Where Work Is in Full Swing

Scrap Mechanic is a great mobile game that offers players a lot of content and opportunities to show their ingenuity. The game is packed with features and provides many-replay value. The controls are simple and easy to use, and the graphics are top-notch. Overall, Scrap Mechanic is a great game that is worth checking out.


Scrap Mechanic Logo
Author: Axolot Games
Size: 15 GB available space

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