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Your task is to stay alive in a factory where everything is set against you. Be alert for the many interesting puzzles ahead, but don't forget about the toys that haunt you. Your ability to make quick decisions will be a huge plus in survival.

A lot of exciting and atmospheric locations will not let you get bored. A survival horror game in which the actions take place in the first person. Your task as a past employee of a toy factory for children, to get out of it alive, is a simple task, isn't it? But there is a small problem, the employees who worked before you disappeared for unknown reasons, this is what you will need to figure out. In the game, you have to:

  • Move objects using a device called GrabPak, which can stretch for a long distance and interact with objects.
  • Perform a lot of hard puzzles and also avoid toys that hunt you.
  • Be prepared for unexpected game situations, as they can change at any second.
  • You can find various VHS cassettes that will allow you to learn more about the history of this factory.

The graphics are made at the highest level, you will be transferred to the world of the factory personally. You will feel its scale, and the design of the locations will pleasantly surprise you. You can interact with most of the surrounding objects, allowing you to see every detail. Be prepared, as this horror game can play with your nerves, so don't take it lightly.

The game is exciting, and I like that you can play it even without the Internet. True, there were difficult moments in it, and I had to re-pass the stage many times. And it's pretty funny to play this type of horror with a puzzle game. Enjoy great gameplay and storytelling in Poppy Playtime, this is a game that not everyone will like, but true connoisseurs of horror games will appreciate its charms and spend time in it with great pleasure. 

The game requires something more powerful than a regular device, but it works perfectly and does not cause discomfort on powerful gadgets, and it is also not suitable for everyone. There are quite difficult puzzles at high levels, which will have to be given enough time, and you will be interfered with.

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime Logo
Author: MOB Games
Size: 10 GB available space

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