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Wobbledogs is a mobile game about taking care of virtual dogs. The player must feed, walk, and play with their dogs to keep them happy. They can also customise their dogs' appearance.


The Wobbledogs game is a puzzle game where players must help a group of dogs escape from a collapsing building. The game is played by arranging the dogs in a specific order and guiding them to safety. Players must use logic and problem-solving skills to complete the levels.



The graphics of the game are colourful and cute. The dogs are well-rendered, and the backgrounds are nicely detailed. The game has a cartoonish look and feels appropriate for its target audience.


Using your mobile device, you can control Wobbledogs by tilting your device to move the character. You can also use on-screen buttons to control the dog's movements.


Wobbledogs is a mobile game that is highly replayable. The game is designed in such a way that players can keep coming back to it for new challenges. There areLeaderboards and Achievements to keep players engaged, and the game is constantly updated with new content.
Fun game to play;
Free to download;
Adorable graphics;
Cute and funny dogs.

The length of the game could be shorter.

Wobbledogs is free to download the game for iOS and Android devices. The game's objective is to help the wobbledogs reach their food by using the tilt of your device to guide them. The game is cute and funny, and the graphics are adorable. The only downside is that the game is short, but it is still enjoyable to play.


The game Wobbledogs is a cute and unique game perfect for people of all ages. The game's goal is to help the wobbledogs escape from the lab and find their way back to their home planet. The game is challenging and requires quick thinking and reflexes. The game is also gratifying, as players can unlock new levels and achievements as they progress.

Wobbledogs Logo
Author: Animal Uprising
Size: 2 GB available space

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